Burlington Airport Taxi Reservations in Vermont

Please allow for minimum of 24 hours for reservations. I can't be online all day and night so that is why I ask for 24 hour notice before scheduled pickup. I will be glad to send you an email confirmation of your reservation.

If you would like to make a reservation in less than 24 hours please call me at (802)598-7254

Feel free to book now with our Burlington airport taxi reservations form here.

When arriving to the airport, there will be the driver waiting for your flight arrival inside the airport. Please do not go outside looking for your taxi driver. Instead look for a sign with your name on it around the baggage claim belts or by your gate exit.

There will be absolutely no additional charge to you (our valued customer) if your plane is late or delayed.

As of right now, we presently are not charging those enormous cancellation fees that some of our competitors are charging. Please give us at least 2 hours notice before you want to cancel any reservation that you have made with us.

We would like to be able to receive pay pal deposits in the future. Unfortunately we have just begun with this web site so therefore we can't offer this as of yet, but if we receive enough business then yes we will be adding this as an option in the future. Would you like to be able to leave an optional deposit with pay pal ?? Please leave a comment :

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If Arriving To Any Airport Please Provide The Following Information

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Please also include here if you need a child seat (Infant, Toddler or Booster Seat) is available by reservations only.

Because of flight delays and baggage waiting times, our minimum reservation from the airport is $20.00 (does not pertain to reservations going to the airport). This $20.00 minimum has been asked by many of the drivers that we work with. If you want a guaranteed driver, this $20.00 minimum is very reasonable. We want to give our customers great rates so they continue to use our service.

We will have to charge your credit card the full amount we have agreed if you make a reservation with us and do not show up. We currently only ask for credit card authorization for calls originating in Canada. But if the call is more than one hours drive we might require you to authorize a credit card with us. If you are more than ONE hour late from your scheduled pick up time and have not informed us ,we will charge your card at the rate of $20.00 per hour. We will not charge you for that first hour of you being late.